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Howard's Herbal Helper...

Courtney Herrera

Certified Herbalist

Courtney has completed over 500 hours of training in clinical herbalism and aromatherapy. 
Howard's Herbal Helper began as many things do, with an idea. I had the idea to help my grandpa Howard with some of his health issues using herbs. I started herbalism school to find out what I could do to help where conventional medicine had failed. Unfortunately, while in herb school and pregnant with my youngest (a daughter), my grandpa passed away. I named my business after him so I never forget that my clients are people, that they have families, that they are ailing and that I got into this business to help them. I make every remedy myself, and I do all that I can to keep them affordable. If you are in need of a remedy and cannot afford to pay, please contact me. I am happy to take the occasional barter! I love helping people and it is my life's work to heal. I hope to hear from you!
-Courtney Herrera